For telegraph fans!

If you have a couple of spare hours on Wednesday evenings from 17:00 till 19:00 UTC,
why don't you join us to improve your CW skills and take part in the CW minitest
on 3.5 MHz and 7.0 MHz bands?
You should have in mind that in fact the excessive CW speed increase in  radio exchange is not productive. On the contrary, it might make you feel unsure in your operating skills and worsen your radio exchange quality. Proper chosen CW speed is the key to success.
Operating in the air the radio ham has to face a variety of radio interference such as noises, pops and clicks, atmospheric ones, industrial ones, from the nearest radio telegraph or radio telephony transmissions and combined ones. All of them can be heard in the headphones together with the radio signals being received. You should be able to hear your required correspondent signals among the chaos of sounds.
"Mini - Contest"